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Wadi Bih Mountain Bike Challenge 11th Jan 2013

The 3rd edition of the  Wadi Bih Mountain Bike Challenge was held on Friday 11th January 2013 in the Musandam mountains of Oman starting from Dibba.

We had a great turnout of about 100 people who came to escape the skyscrapers and hustle and bustle  the cities of the UAE to test themselves against gravity and experience the fresh mountain weather and the great outdoors.

There were very strong winds on the day with rain at higher altitudes resulting in riders descending coated in mud and shivering . One of the few days in the UAE when one is looking forward to some sun.

Luckily the rain was not severe to start a  flash flood which could have washed out the Wadi!

Some rainfall this winter meant that the track was not too dusty which was a bonus to the participants. 

The event could not take place without the input of help from a number of companies organisations and individuals that all deserve many thanks ;
The Golden Tulip Hotel in Dibba has been the host for the event on the 3rd year and has a long association of supporting the Wadi Bih Run.  A big thanks to Elie Jabbour and his team of; Rupesh, and others for helping with the facilities set up at the hotel and providing the buffet after the event to the participants.  For more details about the hotel please check out;

This year we had 2 MTB category events and we needed a number of marshals to be on the course to record times and give guidance to participants.  Paul Oliver, Ali , Tony and other members of Absolute Adventure did a great job manning the checkpoints and recording the times.  Absolute adventure also provided some free tokens for outdoor activities from their centre based in Dibba.  To find out more about the activities and accommodation that absolute adventure can provide please check out their website

Adventure HQ did a great job this year helping us with the promotion of the events and the preparation of the event T-shirts and signage.  They also provided support on the day with a start & finish inflatable arch which was severly challenged by the strong winds.   Dave Johnstone  from adventure HQ took part in the event and Marlo was left trying to stop the arch flying away.  To find out more about adventure HQ please check out their website;

A big thank you to Helen Rodd for maintaining the website for the event and providing some rational sane advice.

Louise Galbraith is a stalwart supporter of both the Wadi Bih run and the Wadi Adventure race and a big thank you is due to Louise and specially for all the help on Thursday and Friday

Wolf's bike shop provided us with some biking accessories as prizes for the winners and also a mechanic on the day - a big thank you Wolfi for this;

It was the 2nd year for the 30 k out and back cycle which proved a success and encouraged some mountain bikers and less competitive extreme mountain bikers into the Wadi. One small glitch was the fact that the distance was actually about 18 k to the turn to total was 36 k. Apologies for this anomaly.

The one thousand metre hill climb event was held for the 3rd  year and the previous course record was broken by four riders.  The gradient is fairly steady in the Wadi until just before the end when there are a series of steep hairpin bends which is a brutal test of stamina and endurance.

Congratulations to all of the participants.  We hope you enjoy the event and if you have any comments or suggestions or ideas through improvements to the future events please let us know.


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