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Wadi Bih MTB & Adventure Race - Origin

The origin of the Wadi Bih MTB & Adventure Race harks back to the Wadi Bih relay run which has been held every year since 1993 and comprises of a team relay run, originally across the Musandam peninsula from RAK to Dibba and now due to border restrictions a run from the Gulf of Oman coast up to the high point of the Khasab road and back to the coast.

Since its origins the Wadi Bih relay run has attracted requests from keen mountain biker's to take part in the event. Due to congestion in the narrow wadi, with extensive runners and cars, there are safety issues and the requests of the mountain bikers had been declined.  Hence the logical step was to introduce a further separate event for mountain bikes.  The track up Wadi Khabb Shamsi towards Khasab starts from a broad open Wadi floodplain and gradually narrows to a dramatic narrow gorge with steep overhanging sculptured rock formations.  Travelling through the gorge by mountain bike is a great uplifting (literally) experience.

The dramatic rugged terrain of mountains, wadis and canyons also lends itself to adventure sports and all this is against the fantastic backdrop of the and deep waters of the Gulf of Oman.  This terrain is ideal for outdoor sport and is the perfect backdrop for a multidiscipline event, hence the adventure race ; comprising of mountain biking, hiking and swimming, which was held in 2011 & 2012.


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